Research, development and generation of knowledge in the marine-maritime field are one of the great strengths for our natural and geographical environment. Proof of this is the existence of different public research organizations specialising in such singular areas as the marine science, the nautical sciences, naval engineering and underwater archaeology among others.

Given the diversity of research organisations in this area that support the training of Young Researchers (JIs), the organization of a scientific congress dedicated to JIs was considered in order to create a meeting space where they can present their research that are being developed in different organisations and R+D+i marine centers.

The main objective of the II Congress of Young Marine Researchers, framed in the International Campus of Excellence in Marine Science (CEI·MAR), is the meeting between JIs that are developing their research work in the marine field. The objectives set by the II Congress of Young Marine Researchers are:

Why attend?

Although an open forum is proposed where any kind of public that is interested in this topic can attend, the event will be dedicated to JIs who carry out their research work in the CEI·MAR field. This is a congress organized by and for the JIs, where the participation of them will allow answering questions like: Who can be interested in my work? What I do, what it is for? What comes after PhD?

In this way, a point of connection between the different research groups of these centers is intended to be created, where the JIs themselves expose their areas of work, as well as their concerns and difficulties at this stage. With this meeting of JIs, the diffusion and communication of information between the different lines of research carried out in our territory will be increased, promoting future collaborations and projects with a high multidisciplinary value.

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